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IO Games

IO games are no-login instant multiplayer games that are played in browser. IO domain extension is country code for British Indian Ocean Territory but we see this domain extension heavly used in tech startup as it is short for input-output. Although this has nothing to do with IO games, this domain extension got popular after Agar.io. IO Games are a new trend for browser games that are multiplayer without complex login pages. You can play these games without needing to install any plugin or create an account. This page is created to list unblocked IO games that can be played at work or at school.

History of IO Games

The term "io games" began with agar.io in April 2015. agar.io is very easy to learn but hard to get on top of the score list. In agar.io, you play as a cell searching for food. As you eat, you get bigger and in that way you can eat other players.
Popularity of the io games increased very rapidly with the media and youtubers attention. This is followed with other io games such as slither.io and diep.io. There is also zombsroyale.io which has similar gameplay elements as PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).
IO games are very easy to access and simple to understand, that keeps the popularity of the io games quite high. Lots of players plays these games everyday.

Similarities of IO Games

Usually IO games are pvp (player versus player) games. Players gain score by eliminating other players and play area is usually limited. Mostly no login is required for playing and these games are mostly adopts HTML5 technology and runs in browser.


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